Non Immigrant B Visa

Non-Immigrant B Visa (Conducting Business)
Foreigners who wish to setup or conduct business in Thailand should apply for a Thai Non-Immigrant B visa.


  • 90 Days Non-Immigrant Visa (Single-Entry)

       This is an initial visa issued by the Thai embassy or consulate in your home country which allows a stay of 90 consecutive days in                    Thailand.

  • 1-Year Non-Immigrant Visa (Multiple-Entry)

       This is issued to those who want to conduct business and intend to frequently travel in and out of Thailand. The initial non-immigrant          visa can be extended to this visa once the work permit is processed.

Non-Immigrant B Visa (Employment)


  • Foreigners who intend to work in Thailand should apply for an initial 90-Day Non-Immigrant B visa from their home country under employment category, or apply the form pre-approval for work permit, called WP3 from Labor department

  • The work permit application takes place during the initial 90 days given through the initial visa.

  • Once a valid work permit is obtained, the applicant then applies for the 1-Year Non-Immigrant B visa inside Thailand.

  • 90-day reporting to any Thai Immigration Office is required to the visa holder under this category.

  • A re-entry permit is required if the applicant wishes to travel outside of the country.

  • Renewal of this visa can be done inside Thailand.

Non Immigrant Visa Retired



  • Applicant must be 50 years of age or over

  • Must meet the financial requirements

  • Security deposit of THB 800,000 in a Thai Bank Account for 3 months prior to the visa application.

  • Monthly income or pension of at least THB 65,000. An affidavit from the foreign embassy or consulate has to be obtained as proof of the income.

  • Combination of the Thai bank account and yearly income with the total of 800,000 THB.

       Supporting documents as proof of the security deposit in a Thai bank are as follows:

  • Updated bank book or passbook

  • Bank letter stating that the money had been deposited to the account from an oversea source for not less than 3 months.

Non Immigrant Visa Marriage

The financial criteria for the Thai marriage visa.


  • You can deposit 400,000 Thai baht in a savings or a fixed deposit account in a Thai bank and leave it there for 3 months before you apply for your first visa and three months before applying for each consecutive visa.

  • You can show an income of 40,000 Thai baht per month by obtaining a letter of confirmation from your associated Embassy,

       You do not have to have both. You can either show a combination of income and savings.

A Visa Is Needed to Start The Process.

Before you apply for a ‘married to a Thai’ visa, you must make sure that before you come to Thailand you apply for a non immigrant 90 day visa from a Thai consulate in your home country. This visa is getting more difficult to obtain so you must show your Thai marriage certificate and income or money in a Thai bank account. If you have children together it is always advisable to show the birth certificate as well. You must remember if the documents are only in Thai that you must get them translated to English before you apply for the 90 day visa whilst overseas. If you are in Thailand and wish to apply for the visa you can go to a Thai consulate in a neighboring country, i.e. Laos,  Vietnam, or Malaysia etc., using the same paperwork and return on a 90 day non immigrant visa.

Documents required at Thai Immigration.

  • Your passport, your wife’s passport, and copies

  • Wife’s ID card

  • Wife’s house registration 

  • Children’s birth certificates if available

  • Your legal marriage certificate

  • Bankbook in Thailand showing funds of 400,000 Thai baht or an income letter from your Embassy showing 40,000 Thai baht per month, or a combination of the two showing sufficient savings and income.

  • Letter from your Thai bank confirming your funds

  • Drawn location map of your residence

  • Proof of where you reside with your wife, if you rent you need a copy of the ID card and the household registration of the owner

  • 2 photographs together inside your home

  • 2 photographs outside the home showing the house or condo number


You must provide two sets of photocopies for all the above and also the original documents to the Thai Immigration bureau for their perusal.