The Work Permit Application

A proper work permit application should contain the following documents provided by the applicant (in English or Thai):


  • A duly completed application from with amongst others the job description, a map showing the location of the work place and an       explanation of why the company hires a foreign employee

  • A valid passport (including a signed copy of all pages) and, For non-permanent residents, a Non-Immigrant visa;

  • An signed English or Thai version of the Curriculum Vitae to proof the application’s educational qualifications;

  • A medical certificate not older than 6 month for a recognized hospital in Thailand stating his blood type and that the applicant is of good mental and physical health (does not suffer from leprosy, acute tuberculosis, elephantiasis, narcotic addiction, alcoholism and syphilis);

  • Three photographs;

  • A proxy to the person who is filling the application (it other than the applicant himself), including a 10 Baht duty stamp;

  • A copy of additional licenses, if required;

  • In case the applicant is married to a Thai nationality, he following additional documents should be annexed to the request;

      -The marriage certificate;
      -Spouse’s identity card and household registration;
       -A copy of every page of the applicant’s passport.

The application has to be completed with certain corporate documents:
  1. Commercial Registration Department Certificate proving that the company is a registered juristic person, the name of the director(s), the objections and registered capital;

  2. Shareholders List certified by the Commercial Registration Department;

  3. Factory any other Licenses, if any;

  4. VAT Certificate; if any; 

Overview of the applicable fees

Application for work permit                                                                                  Baht   25,000
Work permit extension                                                                                          Baht      4,800
Change or add job description or add employer or add place of work        Baht      5,000


If all documents as stated above are in order, it takes the Labor Department only 7 days to issue the work permit.


If a foreigner is working in Thailand without a work permit, they can be imprisoned for 5 years and/or fined (between 2,000 to 100,000 Baht). The employer himself may be punished with imprisonment not exceeding 3 years and/or fined up to 60,000 Baht.

These are Interactive’s work permit services:
  • Work permit application (first time application)

  • Work permit extension

  • Work permit renewal

  • Suspension of work permit

  • Cancellation of Work permit


Other than the legal implications, living and working in Thailand without the proper work permit makes life difficult and complicated. Interactive will make your successful work permit application easy to achieve

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